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Communication skills reablement

based in North Gloucestershire

group therapy training voice coaching Cheltenham Gloucestershire

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Welcome to the Talking Lab.


Whether you have a medical condition such as a stroke or progressive neurological illness, a hoarse voice or continual sore throat, or whether you want to gain confidence for a presentation or speech, the Talking Lab can help!


Areas of expertise

Speech & Language Therapy for:

 - stroke & acquired brain injury

- progressive neurological illnesses such as Parkinson's, MS, MND and Multi-Systems Atrophy

- adult stammering or dysfluency

- voice disorders, recurrent laryngitis, persistent coughing


Voice coaching:

- for presentations (voice projection & protection, pacing and breath control, advice on effective content management)

- for professional voice users (teachers, lecturers, clergy, receptionists, tour guides)


Please follow the links (left), or use my contact details (top left).

The Talking Lab

talking-therapy speech and language therapy independent Gloucestershire
talking-therapy speech and language therapy independent Cheltenham



t    07456 569491

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Registered with the

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Fully DBS (formerly CRB)-compliant

Member of the

Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists




Affiliated to ASLTIP, the Association of

Speech & Language Therapists in Independent Practice

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